Tuesday, April 27, 2010

27 April 2010

Front and centre: The Sun's crusade against bumbling has reached fever pitch today with the announcement that Toronto is not a first-class city. Feel the Sun's wrath! I haven't felt this ashamed since my senile grandfather told me I was a failure at spitting (I wasn't, by the way). Sure, Toronto has no Topless Colosseum, public perv floggings or Electrified Immigrant Cage, but we do have a lot of worthwhile attractions, like Historic Fort York and parts of Jarvis Street.

On the top: Jaroslav Halak is Slovak, just like my grandmother. But unlike my grandmother, he received a standing ovation last night in Montreal for almost achieving a shutout and helping force a seventh game between the Canadiens and the Capitals. So, that's Halak 1, Granny 0. Also: if I win the $3.5 million jackpot I'm totally setting up Halak with my grandmother for a Slovak date they'll never forget.

Bottom: The Arizona Bar & Grill has no Slovak delicacies on its menu. Why bother?

Summary: Second rate cover, my friends!

** (out of 5)

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