Tuesday, May 18, 2010

18 May 2010

Front and centre: A confession: I can't really concentrate on this "statue without an arm" story. Apparently there's no money to glue his arm back on? Umm. Usually, I'd find out the details, but... a certain female football fan on the cover seems to have caught my eye and made my mind go nuts!

Left: HELLO, YOUNG GODDESS! A buxom woman owned by the Toronto Argonauts looks forward to touchdowns. If her arms ever fall off, I will personally raise the money to get her some new ones! Also: maybe if I win the $30 million jackpot she'll start returning my amorous faxes....

Bottom: The Arizona Bar & Grill may have 55 HD screens, but none of them are ever tuned to Al Jazeera. I thought this place was supposed to be a news bar?

Summary: War Man vs. Babe Man.

* (out of 5)

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