Monday, May 10, 2010

10 May 2010

Front and centre: Did you know that the City of Toronto has a secret 25-page book containing the names of elite people who are exempt from paying parking tickets? I've seen the book and here are a few of the shocking names in it:

Moe Berg
Ron James (when he's rantin' and discombobulated)
Lloyd Robertson's son Moyd
Peter Mansbridge's son Moyd
The Dream Warriors
Erica Ehm
Steven and Chris
Steven and Chris' son Moyd†
Robert Munsch (during lunch. He takes his time. He eats a bunch.)
Mary Pickford

Top: The Canadiens beat Chicago 4-1, for the love of God. Also: the $20.6 million winners are back and they've got a revolting case of spring fever. I woke up this morning to find them nude and rude on my front lawn, for the love of God.

Bottom: If my nickname were Summer Chill, I'd be back. Please help me come back.

Summary: I took the weekend off, but nothing happened around the world.

* (out of 5)

† Moyd's paternity is unclear.

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