Tuesday, June 8, 2010

8 June 2010

Front and centre: The Sun is furious that a wealthy gay man dined at a fancy restaurant. How could this have happened in our city? I was brought up to believe that gay guys loved eating junk food at retirement parties and I'll be damned if city councillor Kyle Rae will destroy my Precious Reality.

Left: On the opposite end of the culinary spectrum, a woman has landed herself in hot water for serving her child an illegal meal of cocaine. And I thought I was a bad cook! Also: The Lotto Max jackpot is up to $50 million. If I win it, I'm taking Kyle Rae and all the gay guys in Toronto to Popeyes for the best gay meal of their gay lives.

Beneath all the things: I can't wait to see how many world leaders I run into at the Arizona Bar & Grill during the G20 summit!

Summary: I'm hungry.

** (out of 5)


  1. Although I do not read the Toronto Sun or their affiliated papers, I believe their article was not referring to Rae's food choices, but their suspicion that it was funded by the City of Toronto.

  2. Hey anonymous loser, it's a joke website

    Why so serious?

  3. "suspicion" that it was funded by the City of Toronto.

    I also have a "suspicion" or that Jim Flaherty's shoes are being paid by the taxpayers, or that John Baird takes it up the ass. I should put those "suspicions" on the cover of my newspaper because putting "suspicions" on the cover is great journalism.