Tuesday, June 15, 2010

15 June 2010

Front and centre: Once again, the Sun is accusing outgoing city councillor Kyle Rae of ostentatiously wasting taxpayers' money like some sort of disdainful goateed King. So, what dirt do they have on old Greedy Guts this time? Like a hog eating from a trough, Rae is planning to gorge himself on a trip to the... International AIDS Conference in Vienna. AIDS Conference? More like "Lap of Luxury Conference!" Have you ever seen an AIDS conference? They're basically gourmet raves, except that instead of a bunch of people dancing, a bunch of virologists try to cure the worst plague of our time.

Shockingly, city councillor Rob Ford is against Rae's trip. According to the Sun, the obese, buzzcutted mayoral candidate "doesn’t believe Rae’s attendance at the conference will benefit the city one iota and bets the councillor will not come back with any sort of report to council on what he learned there."

So, there we have it: the fight to cure AIDS doesn't benefit the city one iota. Good to know.

Left: Dion Phaneuf is the new Leafs captain. Also: a model from Toronto is so F.I.N.E. that she made England's goalie lose his mind at the World Cup. Plus: if I had $50 million right now, I'd buy name-brand ice cream for the rest of my life.

Beneath: The patio is now open at the Arizona Bar & Grill. The best part: the outdoor bidet.

Summary: There'd better be some bikinis on tomorrow's cover.

** (out of 5)

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