Tuesday, October 25, 2011

25 October 2011

Front and centre: Yikes! What's going on with Rob Ford's face here? Why is he wearing that I've-been-creepin'-'round-the-bushes-outside-teacher's-house-and-I-left-him--nasty-surprise look? I want this man strip searched and jailed. On second thought... let's skip the strip search.

Last night city council voted 26-16 to privatize garbage collection west of Yonge Street, much to the chagrin of "lefty councillors." (You know, kooks?) Rob Ford is, of course, ecstatic about this. And the Sun chose to celebrate this ideological victory by photoshopping a picture of Rob Ford standing in front of a pile of garbage bags and grinning like a simpleton. Take that, unionized workers! The Mayor of Toronto, with a wave of his beautiful hand, has transformed you into trash!

Top: York region transit workers are on strike, effectively cutting off Richmond Hill and Markham from civilization. If anyone in York region can hear me, please shoot a flare. Also: lottery.

Bottom: The Arizona B-Bar & Grill's ads are increasingly looking like the to-do lists of an indecisive party animal with the shortest attention span in the world. So many, many choices!

Summary: Here's a fun game: take a good look at Rob Ford's face and make up a sound that matches his expression. Mine is a barely audible and breathy "aaeeeaee aeeaeee aeeea..."

**** (out of 5)

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