Monday, October 17, 2011

17 October 2011

Front and centre: Today's cover gave me quite a fright. My first reaction was: what is my ass tattoo doing on the front of the Toronto Sun??? Then, as I read on, I realized it was only a coincidence and that the image of the big dope leaf was related to a crime story. Basically, dope dealers are using courier companies like Purolator and FedEx to ship their dopes across Canada, right under the RCMP's noses. The Sun even included this picture, to illustrate how the dope dealers get away with it:

Now, I'm no dope dealer (thanks, mom!), but even I know that when you're shipping drugs, you don't put a big, conspicuous pot leaf on the side of the package. I mean, do you want to get caught??? And doesn't the RCMP know what that famous leaf symbol represents? As my mom would say, "For Pete's sake, it's enough to drive you to drink."

The left side: The Toronto Leafs are getting ready to play a game of hockey against the Colorado Avalanches.

Top right: A story about luck and determination.

Bottom: To me, these muffins are the real drugs. Maple walnut and pumpkin? I'm addicted! I'm gonna die with crumbs in my beard, OK?

Summary: Today's cover has a little something for everyone: dope, lottery tickets, a nice game of sports and two delicious muffins to give you energy for your busy day. It's definitely going in the spank bank.

** (out of 5)

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