Friday, July 23, 2010

23 July 2010

Front and centre: A man and his son were removed from a flight for watching 9/11 footage on an iPod moments before their plane took off. I guess it wasn't an amazing idea? And I assume that "Call it ... SCARE CANADA" was something the mischievous pilot said over the plane's PA system to calm frightened passengers.

Top: There has been a lot of talk about Mike Weir lately. Is he washed up? Is he not washed up? Has he washed himself thoroughly, with soap and water? Who will wash Mike Weir? Dinner is ready to be served and Mike Weir is positively filthy from a long day's golfing.

Also: With the $50 million lottery jackpot, we could wash Mike Weir so beautifully he won't live to talk about it.

Bottom: Right now, if you buy a thing, you'll pay the same price as a thing salesman!

Summary: An interesting fact: Scare Canada is a real airline unaffiliated with Air Canada that offers bone-chilling flights to over thirty horrifying destinations sixty times a day. Mostly in Alberta. Calgary, to be specific.

*** (out of 5)

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