Wednesday, March 31, 2010

31 March 2010

Front and centre: Uh oh. Not funny. I went to the Oshawa high school in question, though. We put on a lot of musicals.

Top: A man convicted of racist attacks on Asian fishermen (a noble practice known as "nip tipping") has been released on bail. Surely "nip tipping" isn't one of "T.O.'s BEST SPORTS"? That mini-headline must just be there by coincidence . . . Either way, if there's any justice in the world, our racist friend won't win the tantalizing $3,500,000 lottery prize.

Bottom: "Hey, wanna buy a blue thing? I love you!"

Summary: The word MURDER is ever so large today, hey gang? In the future, Sun covers will be entirely text-based, featuring one word printed in 900 point size letters. MURDER. KILL. FUCK. DANG?

** (out of 5)

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